┬áLumiDoh is the dough that glows, the dough that shines bright, and the dough that’s fun to play with i the day or night. Check it out because it’s the only dough that girls and boys can turn into glowing toys. Roll it out, cut out shapes, and watch it glow. It’s light up fun, it’s Lumi Doh!

Lumi Dough stretches like rubber, molds like dough, and has a glossy shine. Plus, it holds the shape of whatever you create. Make teddy bears with glowing bellies, giraffes with necks that stretch up and down, or a bouncy bright smiling clown. Create cars with headlights that light up, a spiderweb with glowing bugs, illuminate a mermaids tail, or create stars with shiny light trails.

Check this out! Once you make it, your parents can bake it and it will stay glowing and bendable forever. Make collectable toy characters that are cute and clever, or shiny jewelry that you can wear forever. Ordinary dough is dull, stained, and dries out, but with LumiDough is super luminous silicone that shines stretches and never leaves messes. Plus, it never dries out so you can make and remake in so many ways.

Glow up your room, create light up pencil partners, bling your backpack for school, and here’s something new you can even make sea creatures that glow under water for you.

You get 5 luminescent LumiDoh colors, the model making guide, and Black-out LumiDoh to really show the glow all for $19.99, plus $7.99 processing and handling. Here’s something neat, we’ll include the play mat, star cut-outs, and Make and Bake Sheet free with your order. That’s not all, we’re are going to double the offer for an additional $7.99 processing and handling. That’s two complete kits for one!

Get the amazing LumiDoh here!